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RSR Exhaust, RSR Header, Akimoto Intake - by Bert



RSR Exhaust: Beautiful construction and welds. I bought the exhaust with the polished stainless muffler and 4" angle tip and it is very nice looking. I sometimes wish the tip was a little smaller, but overall it is a very classy looking system.Unfortunately, the piping back to the muffler is not stainless, but aluminum coated mildsteel. After one Vermont winter the salt and snow had caused some visible rust at thewelds of the piping. I can honestly say that is the only complaint I have about this unit. The RSR is really very quiet. It has a little rumble at start-up, isquiet as stock at low RPM and partial throttle, and has a nice, deep note at high rpm.The tone never breaks up or gets buzzy. I've had it for over a year now and whileit's gotten slightly louder as it's broken in, there is still little to no highway droaning.The only time it droans is off-throttle at highway speeds, which obviously isn't veryoften. When I got the exhaust I had only an Akimoto intake (since chucked foran AEM) but the butt-dyno said I had good gains throughout the powerband, especially inthe midrange. Most noticable was the power increase (at speed, in fifth) during highwaydriving. I paid $530 shipped for the exhaust, which is a good (but not great)price. I ended up waiting over a month for delivery as apparently RS*R has aproblem with shipping and meeting demand in the US.

RSR header: The header is very high quality and also very quiet, butdidn'tseem to add much in the way of hp. The primaries appear to be somewhatlarger on this header than on the DC and Neuspeed units I've seen. Unfortunately I reset myECU incorrectly after the install and didn't feel any gains until a few days later, when theecu apparently reset itself. Overall a well built, good looking, quiet header.

Akimoto Intake: This was the first mod I did after I bought the teg.It is a warm airintake, meaning that it draws air from under the hood instead of fromthe fenderwell as cold air intake (like the AEM) does. A cold air intake will make morepower simply becausecold air is denser and contains more oxygen per unit volume. The fearis that there is a possibility of sucking water into the engine and doing major damage.The fear is generally unfounded if the stock splash guard is kept in place. The Akimotoproduces great sound, butdoes little for performance. I would guess a couple horses on the highend. However, it doeslook and sound very cool and is as safe as the stock airbox to use.Overall it's nice for looksand sound, but is nowhere near the AEM in performance.

-- Bert Galbreath

copyright (c) 1997 Franz Bayog
all rights reserved