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Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts - by FB



My 1995 GSR Sedan with almost 95K miles on it had a lot of engine movement, even at idle, but especially under acceleration.  This movement broke the purge kit for my NOS 75 HP Plate system, a couple of NOS brackets, and made the car very undriveable.   Part of the driveability problems came from the poor install on my Exedy Organic Clutch by Clair Acura of Walpole, MA, which caused clutch chattering and burning, but the excessive engine movement definitely contributed as well.  Hank from HP Engineering suggested these Energy Suspension Motor Mount inserts to address the problem.


I already had the Energy Suspension Master Bushing kit, which replaced many of the soft stock rubber bushings in the suspension and shifter assemblies.  This provided MUCH improved transient response, eliminated shfter "buzzing," lessened body roll, and helped control wheel hop.  The trade-off was some "squeaking," especially on cold days, but to an enthusiast like myself it is worth it (although my girlfriend may not agree).  Anyway, because of this favorable experience, I had high hopes.


The parts themselves are fairly cheap, around $50 or so I think (not sure).  The problem is the install, which can be a pain.  The kit itself has polyurethane bushing pieces which are installed in addition to the the existing rubber mounts at the 3 Torque bearing mounts in the engine (visible from underneath the car).  The most difficult proved to be the rear motor mount, which is probabaly the most important.  After Hank provided the elbow grease and plenty of cursing, they were in.


What a difference!  The motor BARELY moves at idle now!  Even when revved, the motor had just a hint of movement.  I jumped in and backed the car off the lift.  NO chatter!  I couldn't believe it.  As I drove it, I noticed some chatter, but not nearly as much as before.  I haven't been burning the clutch as much lately either.  Overall, I strongly recommend these inserts if you have an older car where the mounts may be worn.  Even on a new car, especially one making a lot of power/torque, it will make a difference.


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