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Comptech Axle Back Exhaust - by Chris/Sonic


I got my exhaust...Woo-hoo! I got it 8 months used for $200, butit was cleaned up to look brand new! Initial inspection looks to me like it'swell put together, with clean welds and appearance, and a not-too-big 3.5"tip.I installed it without even jacking up the car, I just climbed underneath and with some difficulty removed the two bolts that hold the stock mufflerto the B-Pipe, and removed the stock muffler.

Comparing the two, the Comptech is much smaller and significantly lighter, 10lbs at least. The installation was a snap...hook up the hangers, bolt up the pipe andthat's it! Looks perfect, is nicely centered in the exaust cutout inthe rear bumper and fits up exactly with the stock B pipe.On driving I found the sound to be great. Whoever puts this systemdown because it uses a Dynomax Ultraflo muffler has probably never heard it. It has a very nice deep quiet tone, heard most below 3500 RPM but somewhatup to 6k, at which point the sound of the AEM is all you can hear. The two mix together nicely, with the Comptech sounding good where the AEM is quiet andthe AEM taking over the sound at the higher RPM. The sound is always pleasant, never buzzy or to loud, very nice.

I don't know if I gained any power from it, only the dyno will tell. The car just felt like it was having a "strong day" after I put it on, but thatmight be because it was around 35 degrees today. As of now I am very pleasedwith it, and although I am not expecting to make more than 1 or 2 HP out ofit, I'm looking forward to a dyno and I definately enjoy the sound and look.


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