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Mark's Red 1992 GSR Coupe



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Future Plans (In Phases)

(Phase I & II are done above)

Phase III: (Jan-Feb)

- Bored-out throttle-body by RC Engineering

- Intake (filter-on-a-stick type -- Weapon*R? DC Max Air? RS*Akimoto III?)


Phase IV: (Mar-Apr)

- Springs (Neuspeed Sport/SofSport? RS*R Down? Eibach?)

- Shocks/Struts (Koni adjustables or Tokico Illuminas)

- Front strut-tower brace (GAB or Zspeed)

- Timing advance

- (if found) baffled oil pan

- Pedals wide enough for heel-and-toe

- Semi-metallic or metallic brake pads

- S/S brake lines


Phase Whenever:

- Clear corner lamps

- Leather steering-wheel wrap



The above is for sure, below is dependant on my wallet's permission as the summer progresses:

- DPR-worked head (including valvetrain)

- Extrude-honed intake manifold




I'm not going turbo or supercharged (or engine transplant when my last 1.7 blew) in order to keep the door open for possible SCCA Improved Touring racing somewhere in the future when this car gets too old for streeting.

My best 0-60 was 6.71, snow tires on! -- the key was some clutch-slipping
at each shift (Can't wait to measure again with my P700's)...

Mark Khoury

Current Performance Data

0-60 (G) 1/4 Mile (T) HP (D) Torque (D)
6.71 15.7X N/A N/A





LATEST NEWS (3/15/98):

I still haven't had the time to go down to HP Engineering to get my new TB, and it doesn't look too good for the next two-three weeks!....

LATEST NEWS (1/27/98):

The Throttle Body from my spare engine (!) is out at RC Engineering getting bored out. HP Engineering will be doing the port-matching, so I didn't have to ship the whole intake manifold. While I was at it, I had my injectors sent out for cleaning and balancing. With this increased breathing and circulation, maybe I need to pay attention to my ignition system next? ... probably not yet... Stock should be able to handle my current mods.

My pads are worn, and I'm pondering whether to get a full brake system upgrade or just some decent pads. By full system I mean new rotors (probably slotted), pads & SS lines. I will be autocrossing next season, and hope to be getting into some road racing (time trials for now) ... maybe I should upgrade now? If you have an opinion, email me.


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