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Looking for someone to work on your car or a place to get some dyno tuning in? Want to try Autox?

HP Engineering Homepage-HP Engineering in Narragansett, RI. They did all the work on my car and Hank is a great guy.


ACS RacingACS Racing in Hanover, MA. They have a dyno and the are very knowledgeable. They also deal with all kinds of vehicles: Imports, domestics, and bikes. It's a cool place to just hang out and drool on the high output machines

Veloce Imports - Veloce Imports in Hudson, NH.

BMW Car Club of America - Boston Chapter - They sponsor the Autocross series that several DFH members are participating in.

The Integra Dyno Center - want to see many helpful dyno plots to see actual performance gains?


Message Boards/Forums (look for me posting as berkel):

Honda/Acura Message Board

Import Racing Message Board

ATI (All Things Integra) Message Board

TOV (Temple of VTEC) Message Forums


Personal Pages/Clubs:

The DFH L.A. Chapter! Adept1 webmaster

HADA - Honda Acura Drivers Association NEW!

Glenn's Sweet GSR (got NOS?)

Mark's SE Page -

Toastier's page and the Low Litre Club

Sumo's page

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