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What is DFH?

DFH is an acronym for Decal Free Hondas.  We are an informal group/club that emphasizes performance, rather than the "riceboy" scene.  Despite the name, it is actually "okay" to have decals on your car, as long as you can back them up.  For example, don't put Mugen stickers on your car if you don't have Mugen parts, don't put VTEC stickers on you Ford Focus, etc.  Our roots are strong in the Honda scene, but as we have evolved, some members have branched out to other Marques (I have an Audi A4 in addition to my GSR for example). 

We have grown from the original 4 members, to approximately 80 Nationwide, mostly concentrated in New England.  However, there are members in CA, NY, AZ, ID, VA, NC, MI and others I have forgotten.   We are still informal, and most members think that is what makes us unique among the car clubs.  We keep in touch via an e-mail list service provided by Onelist (  See "How do I join" for more details and a caveat about the e-mail volume.  In addition, we have a message forum at the Honda-Acura Bulletin Board ( where registered users can post and reply to topics.  We try to meet up with other members in our area a few times a month. just to hang out, check out other cars, or help with maintenance or performance enhancements.  Since DFH has such an emphasis on performance, many of us race our cars:  Autocross (SCCA Solo II), Road Racing (SCCA Solo I), and Drag Racing.  Future plans include a DFH Project car for Autox, Drag, or Road Racing...

We try to share as much information as possible, since there tends to be a lot of misinformation and bogus claims in this industry.  On the DFH~Tuning page we have several dyno plots of member rides to show actual gains with performance modifications.  We also have Product Review to show unbiased thoughts from actual owners.   The DFH~Members page lists the setups of DFH members as well as available performance data (0-60, 1/4 mile, HP, TQ etc.).  There are a lot of helpul discussions on the message board and via e-mail.  We get off topic frequently, but that lends ot the sense of comraderie we share. 

If you have any questions or feedback  please go to the DFH~Feedback form or e-mail me directly.  You can also sign our guestbook below.  Member may also submit setup updates via the new Feedback form.


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How do I join?

If you want to "join" DFH, just register at and sign up for the DFH list.  This list has several options to keep in touch, such as a digest mode where you receive 1 consolidated e-mail each day, or a web mode where you can only access messages via the web site.  I give these options first since we tend to get a LOT of e-mail.  If you miss a few days, you could open your inbox with 200+ messages!  With this in mind, you probably shouldn't use a work account. 

Once you sign up, please send an e-mail to the list ( and introduce yourself.  Your car, setup, plans, racing experience, etc.  We try to post information about meetings via Onelist or on the message board at 

By "joining," you can also have a member setup page.  See the DFH~Members page for examples.  Just use the Feedback form to send the information to me.  If you already have your own web page, just send me the url and I can link it from the DFH Members page.  We are also in the process of coming up with T-shirts so we may try to use the proceeds to get our own Domain.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.


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DFH History

DFH started in the Winter of 1997 when four of the current members (me, Tom, Mike B., and Mark K.) all met at HP Engineering in Narragansett, RI.  We had originally "met" on the various Honda message forums on the internet (ATI, the TOV, and what is now the board).  Mike B. needed advice on where to get his Jackson Racing Supercharger installed on his 1997 GSR.  Tom had referred me to Hank at HP Engineering (to install my suspension components, Neuspeed Header, and Greddy Exhaust), and I had referred Mark K. (when he blew his motor on his 1992 GSR autoxing).  We unanimously suggested Hank to perform the JRSC install.  Mike offered to give us all a ride, so we agreed to meet at HP Engineering. (to be continued)


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